Our work


Rethinking electrolyzers and fuel cell components starting at the materials science level.

At 1s1 Energy, we leverage our proprietary materials to build revolutionary next-generation electrolyzers. We employ the same materials to unlock unprecedented performance for fuel cell manufacturers.

Today’s commercial electrolyzer technology relies on legacy materials. At 1s1 Energy, we are transforming the industry through focused materials science innovation protected by fundamental patents.

Our unique boron-based chemistries unlock previously unachievable performance and durability. The electrochemical cell is at the heart of every electrolyzer and fuel cell. It includes catalysts that accelerate electrochemical reactions at the cathode and anode and an ion-exchange membrane that completes the electric circuit through the selective transport of ionic species. The performance and durability of its elements profoundly impact the economic viability of products employing these cells.

Novel materials allow 1s1 to chart an accelerated path toward decarbonization.


At 1s1 Energy we want to establish long-term relationships with partners who share our vision of accelerated decarbonization. We combine fresh and creative ideas with customer insights to realize effective and seamless solutions. Together we can unleash the potential of green hydrogen to decarbonize industry, long-term energy storage, and heavy-duty transport. 

Our areas of interest for collaborations include:


Piloting 1s1 electrolysis stacks.


Electrochemical materials applications to water electrolysis and fuel cells.


General applications for ion-exchange membranes and advanced catalysts.

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